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Silvia Favero Duo Dolce- 2 in 1 - Cake stencil

€ 15,95 (inclusief btw)

Geef je taart een prachtige uitstraling met behulp van een stencil en royal icing. 

Met dit 2 in 1 stencil heb je de keuze uit twee verschillende mooie prints. 

Bekijk de instructie video voor een duidelijke werkwijze.

Produce beautifully elegant designs for your cake tiers with this stunning double-barrel cake stencil.

'Chloe' features a stunning 2-in-1 versatile pattern design to cater to any special cakey occasion.

Silvia Favero stencils are flexible, resistant and made from a durable quality material. The thickness of the stencil as well as the openwork of the design will ensure neat and flawless creations, whilst providing an extra ease of use - ideal for both experts and beginners.

The stencil can be used on various edible mediums, including: sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, covering paste and more. Designs can be used with buttercream, royal icing or airbrushing paints.

Made from a non-toxic material, suitable for contact with food.

Top Tips:
Tip 1: Make sure that your cake is straight and even, and that the stencil is all in contact with your cake, without spaces.
Tip 2: Use the royal icing or buttercream to fill the open spaces and leave it the same thickness as the stencil. This stencil is designed for this.
Tip 3: You can use a plastic card (like credit cards) that are small and flexible and easy to work.

Approximate Measurements:
Design 1: 4.3" x 15" / 11 cm. x 38 cm
Design 2: 3.5" x 15.3" / 9 cm. x 39 cm




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