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Mini Message Letter Helpers aanvullende set voor de Sweet Stamp mini Message

Artikelnummer: LET003
€ 7,00 (inclusief btw)


Deze set is een mooie aanvulling op de mini Message set 

This product DOES NOT come with the holder, it's been designed to fit a small standard holder* (Kits are now available to purchase) 

Letter helper can be used to keep letters in place in the holder.


Parts are small, these are not a toy and should be kept away from children.

This product has meticulously printed for clear and sharp embossing images every time. 

Made in Australia.

Made from PLA+ which is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources including cornstarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots or even potato starch.

Hand wash only, keep below 50 degrees/c (122 degrees/f)

*DO NOT wash in the dishwasher.





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